Thursday, September 17, 2009

Private blog....

Tristan and Titan now have their own private blog so please e-mail me at if you would like to be invited to view their blog.
Love Yvonne

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

They're here!

Tristan and Titan arrived on September 3rd at 10:58 and 10:59 via C-section. They are both doing well and will hopefully be home from the NICU soon. They both needed some respiratory help in the begining but are now breathing on their own. They should be moved to an open crib that they can share, which will make mommy really happy. Tristan weighed 5 lbs 3oz and 18 in long and Titan was 5lbs 6oz and 17 1/4 in long. They both have tons of brown hair. They are really good babies and love to sleep a lot. The nurses say that we named them well for Titan is the busy one and Tristan is the mellow one. They are now learning how to eat and once that is established then they will get to come home.

Thanks to all our friends and family for your continued support and prayers. We have posted pictures but will be moving to a private blog so those that are interested in following our private blog please email me at so that I can confirm you a friend/guest.

We Thank You all so very much!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

still waiting...

Still no babies... I went to Labor and Delivery on Saturday night because I was having back pain and I wasn't feeling the babies all that much but everything looked fine and I was still only dilated 2cm so they sent me home. Monday I was seen in the OB's office for an ultrasound, non-stress test, blood pressure check and cervical check. Still only 2 cm dilated. I haven't really had any contraction so I guess the boys want to stay inside a little longer. Jeremy and I unfortunately have come down with head colds so I guess it is better that the boys stay inside until we get over our colds so we don't get them sick. We spent the weekend washing baby blankets, sheets, clothes, wash cloths, burp rags, etc. We have everything in order except the car seats which Jeremy should be picking up either today or tomorrow. If we have the boys this week there is a good chance they will have to go to the NICU for a while so I have been taking it really easy and trying to convince myself that I can make it another week or so. Their lungs should be mature enough by now but they may have troubles sucking/eating this early on. I have another appointment on Thursday if they don't come before then and will keep posting up dates.

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's almost time!

We went in for our 33 week appointment yesterday and had an ultrasound to check for placement and another non-stress test. The non-stress test indicated that the babies are healthy and doing well. My blood pressure was 135/91 a little high so we are watching it closley and the ultrasound showed that both babies are still head down. My doctor wanted to check my cervix for the first time, which probably wasn't such a good idea because I began having contractions every 3-5 minutes. He said I am 2cm dilated and 90% effaced. He said I have the perfect cervix and wants my to try for a vaginal delivery... I was really hoping for a C-section. He said it should be a breeze because they are low and will probably only weigh around 4lbs each. I had to go to labor and delivery and be monitored for over three hours, I received a steroid injection to help the babies lungs mature just in case they come within the next few days. I have to go in again today at 4pm for my second steroid injection, blood pressure check, non-stress test, and cervical check. I wasn't able to sleep last night because my contractions continued until midnight or so and then finally eased up. I slept from midnight until 4am and have been nesting since. I wanted to get my things ready just in case I have to stay when I go back in this afternoon. If I don't have them this weekend then I will be seen on Monday morning for the babies measurements and another cervical check.
Thanks again for following our blog and we will keep you posted on when Tristan and Titan arrive.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big Thanks to everyone at The Village Bank!!!

Wednesday evening The Village Bank threw a wonderful baby shower for my husband and I. We had a great time and were blown away by all the wonderful gifts. We were happy to get a baby swing, humidifier, bedding, more clothes, burp cloths, car seat covers, etc. They were all the things we still needed. We now feel ready apart from purchasing the car seats to bring them home in.
We are so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family that have supported us and helped us through these past eight months. We look forward to sharing our babies with all our friends and family, especially during the late nights and wee hours!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

31 Weeks

Sorry I didn't post sooner, I have been busy believe it or not!
My friend Sylvia and her daughter Journey came into town for the baby shower and to help get the nursery ready. We did some minor shopping for the nursery (shelves, curtains, picture frames ect.). Sylvia and Journey were able to join us for our doctors appointment, Journey thought it was pretty neat to see the boys on ultrasound. The boys were measured this week. Tristan weighing in at 4lbs 2oz and Titan at 3lbs 11 oz. Tristan is in the 56 percentile and Titan in the 48 percentile. My doctor said they are chubby and guesses they should be around 5lbs by Sept 15th.

The baby shower was a a blast, it was so good to see my friends and family. One of the games we played was so fun...guess what kind of poo (candy bar) was in the diaper? I have some great photos of my friends sniffing dirty diapers. I think I now have enough diapers and wipes to last us awhile. I still need to go out and buy some of the bigger items but have plenty of time to do that.

Friday, August 7, 2009

30 weeks...

We had our 30 week appointment yesterday and the boys are doing well. We didn't receive any pictures other than their heart rates so I won't be posting any today. But did take a picture of my belly for all to see. So far I show no signs of preterm labor so we are tentatively scheduled for a C-Section on September 15th. At our appointment the boys heart rates and fluid were measured. Their hearts are strong and the fluid is stable. I have been waking up around 2am frequently this past week to eat and luckily have only gained 4 oz's. Although the boys are packing on the pounds, my weight has slowed down. I really didn't think it was possible to out grow maternity clothes but as you can see in my picture... my belly hangs out the bottom of my shirt!
This past week Jeremy got the movie camera ready and I went to Target to get some PJ's for the hospital and had to leave because the babies were getting so heavy and uncomfortable. We are getting so anxious and can't wait to see their cute little faces. I am looking forward to my baby shower next weekend and seeing my friends and family. This weekend my family is having our family reunion up at Fish Lake but we felt it would be best to stay close to home.